Let’s Play Orwell Episode 5 Part 1 – This Irony, So Delicious

The finale to Orwell begins with us getting a new handler and our last job – uncover the identity of the true mastermind. The clock is ticking and we only have so much we can do. Can we uncover the truth behind this whole thing? And do we even want to?


Let’s Play Orwell Episode 1 – It All Begins Here

We finally did it. After years of talking about it, my Entertainment Dome co-host James and I have contributed to the over-saturated world of Let’s Plays; starting with puzzle game Orwell.

Set in a 1984-style world, we must use the Orwell system to hack into emails, listen in on phone calls and just generally spy on people to prevent acts of terrorism. Political stances are taken and tangents are made as we start our first day on the job.